Ghaddafi out

Ghaddafi symbolically rubbishes the UN Charter in September 2009 (STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

A Libyan government spokesperson has announced that Col. Ghaddafi is now living “in the hearts of the people” which can only mean that the erstwhile head of the African Union is heading for the bunkers. This particular moment in the life and times of Col. Ghaddafi marks the point at which “the leader of the 1st September revolution” is really starting to look like Saddam Hussein in the Maghreb.

Having long demonstrated a contempt for international law and the international community, sponsoring, over the course of four decades, numerous attacks on civilians and nation states going about their everyday business, he never,  according to what defecting Libyan intelligence officers are telling us, gave up the desire to acquire long range ballistic missiles and weapons of mass destruction.

Ghaddafi understands full well that C2 relays directed against civilian populations make that installation a legitimate target under UNSCR 1973. By siting such a relay “in the hearts of the people” that is, very close to where civilians are living, the leadership has once again shown it has scant regard for civilian life, protocols which are enshrined in conventions such as Protocol IV, signed in Geneva in 1949.

This is a good time for the world to reconsider how it interprets Islam, that is, in a world that is slowly moving away from the ideals espoused by the Qur’an.  Yes, Col. Ghaddafi may be “leading the country day by day”, but to penury and misery, not peace and prosperity.

It may be time for Security Council to rethink “the situation in Libya” and to recognise the NTC as the authentic voice of the Libyan people.

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