Dispatches from the Tunisian border

30 April 2011

Highlights UNOCHA

  • Some 634,835 people have fled Libya since the beginning of the conflict (up to 27 April).
  • About 18,500 Libyans crossed into Tunisia at Dehiba between 21 and 27 April
  • The fighting at Dehiba has stopped the outflow of refugees from Libya’s Western Mountains.

Highlights UNHCR

  • UNHCR reports that large numbers of recent arrivals are straining resources at Dehiba.  The vast majority of people (more than 30,000) are being hosted by the local community and UNHCR is working with the authorities to expand the capacity of existing camps and to support host families.
  • African refugees continue to try to make for Europe on their own initiative, and according to a report from the Somali community at the Choucha camp (near the Ras Adjir border crossing), three Somali refugees drowned on Thursday morning after their boat carrying some 280 people heading towards Italy capsized in high seas. These deaths add to the hundreds of people who have drowned or are missing in the desperate attempt to reach the safety of Europe from Libya.

For further information please contact: On the Egyptian border: Helene Caux on mobile: +201 294 66 378 On the Tunisian border: Firas Kayal on mobile +216 508 561 99 In Geneva: Sybella Wilkes on mobile +41 79 557 91 38

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