Games without frontiers

Valerie Amos has the most difficult job in the world. The organisation she heads (The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs or UNOCHA) may be the “eyes and ears” of the United Nations Security Council, but she is it’s soul and voice.

Thus far, Valerie Amos and her very able team have reached an uneasy agreement with the Libyan government and have in theory, unfettered access to the Libyan interior

to establish a humanitarian presence in Tripoli and to enable the UNOCHA to move around and see exactly what is happening for themselves

We should also shelve the idea of an immanent humanitarian military intervention (either by the EU or NATO ) provided this latest plan can be implemented to the satisfaction of the UNOCHA which can, in theory at least, ask for “military assets” if they are somehow hindered in their work. The official view on this is that they are “not at that point at all”.

UNOCHA has had intermittent access to the port facilities at Misurata for quite some time, and now rightly, asks for land access via the Tripoli thoroughfare. When the time is right, Col. Ghaddafi, will almost certainly try to play the humanitarian card to leverage political support from the African Union which could cast a long shadow on the way resolution 1973 is implemented.

In the meantime, attacks on Misurata and other opposition held areas continue with undiminished ferocity.

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