Civilian population at Misurata under intense bombardment

16 April 0700 (GMT+1) in Misurata

According to a streamed telephone conversation from Misurata, forces loyal to Col. Ghaddafi are preparing to capture the strategic facilities at Qasr Ahmed (the transhipment port of Misurata), much like what was attempted last week in Ajdabya.

Live phone call on Libya Al Hurra stream via the Freedom Group.

Rough translation…

Freedom Group: this is Misurata with you, the sky is black (at) Qasr Ahmed and Zarouk where people Have fled for (some) protection.
Misurata is calling, calling for help!
I swear the sky is black
Indiscriminate shelling, Misurata is calling you!
Many people are being killed
Where is Everyone? I swear Misurata is calling
The shelling began at 6:30 this morning,
More intense that last night
NATO did not help us, did not protect civilians
Sister, I don’t want to increase your burden!
Children, families, are dying
The Mosques are being destroyed
Do they want this to turn into Ajdabiyah?
Everyone is at Qasr Ahmed and Zarouk
Where is the East and the West?
I wish you could hear what I’m hearing
For God’s sakes, help us
People, people listen, people are dying

Perditta: Please, make sure that you are all in a safe place

Freedom Group: There is no solution, what is the solution, what do you want? Everyone is heading for the coast!
Please take this message to the world!
The children are losing their minds, they are all in hospital
Please, we are Muslims, Ben Walid, Zintan, they are sleeping in their houses, the cowards!
Please help us!
I am losing my mind, we are suffering terribly!
Misurata is calling! Please help Misurata! Where is Sarkozy? Where is Obama? NATO is doing nothing!
Families, people are dying
Nobody is protecting us
There is bloodshed on the streets, death is everywhere.
Why is this happening? Why?!
Please help Misrata!!!!
Antiaircraft guns, RPGs (anti-tank rockets) are being used
Are you waiting for the complete destruction of Misrata?
I swear, my sister, yesterday, families, my whole family, two twin girls, a girl, son, and a mother all killed by these Grad rockets, my father is critically injured in hospital
Please, young men are crying, weeping
How can we defend ourselves?
Misrata is drowning in blood
Where is everyone? Where is the East? I am from Benghazi, I didn’t know it was like this, why is this happening? Young Children, youth still in school, learning, are being killed!
Gaddafi is crazy, he is killing people!!!!

Perditta: We are with you, we are praying with you all

Freedom Group: God willing, God help us, God will be with us

  1. #1 by zeitungzeid on April 16, 2011 - 6:35 pm

    The Times of Malta reports this evening, that the MV Setubal Express has been denied entry into Libyan territorial waters.

  2. #2 by zeitungzeid on April 17, 2011 - 9:41 am

    Dr. Abdullah Mahdi appears to confirm here that pro-Ghaddafi forces have learnt how to avoid detection. (Qasr Ahmed, Misurata at 2030 BST 16 April 2011)

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