Libyan Arab Jamahiriya • Crisis Situation Report No. 24


• An International Organization for Migration ship will evacuate 1,000 people from Misrata to Benghazi on 13 April as part of efforts to evacuate 6,000 third-country nationals from Misrata.

• On 11 April, UNICEF reported that intensified fighting and indiscriminate shelling had led to an increased number of children being killed in Misrata. At least 20 children have been killed and many more injured, due to wounds from mortar shrapnel and bullets. There have been confirmed reports of sniper fire hitting children in Misrata. Almost all reported child casualties occurred in the past three weeks, with a majority of child victims below 10 years of age. Human Rights Watch (HRW) reported  on 10 April that Government forces had been repeatedly targeting a medical clinic in Misrata since 23 March, and notably on 7 April. Aid organizations and medical personnel have also reported being targeted in Misrata and Ajdabiya. Arab Medical Union (AMU) reports the deaths of two doctors and the kidnapping of four others since 21 February.

• Humanitarian organizations continue delivering food assistance inside Libya, particularly inside Misrata where Islamic Relief and World Food Programme (WFP) are coordinating a shipment of humanitarian supplies.

• A second shipment of medical kits will be sent to Misrata from Benghazi and Tubruq on 15 April, including drugs for the primary health care of a population of 50 000 for 3 months, and for 500 cases of chronic diseases such as diabetics, hypertension, chronic chest diseases and cardiac diseases. Working since 21 February in Libya, Arab Medical Union (AMU) have eight doctors and 21 nurses and have brought in 20 tons of supplies into Libya. AMU teams are located in Ben Misyat, Tubruq, Derna, Bidiya, Ajdabiya, Ras Lanouf, Benghazi and Misrata. Medical teams are mobile and visit areas where needs are greatest, at times along the front lines of fighting. The ICRC has delivered medical kits to the opposition.

• Amnesty International (AI) reports on 12 April that captured opposition Libyan fighters have been found shot in the head with their hands tied behind their backs. AI has collected substantial evidence supporting the claims that other human rights abuses have been committed, including when forces loyal to Qaddafi deliberately killed unarmed protesters and attacked civilians fleeing fighting past six weeks.

• There are also numerous reports of indiscriminate shelling and shooting in populated areas, as well as of civilians targeted by forces loyal to Qaddafi. Reports of journalists being detained for days and being kidnapped continue. Aid organizations working in Libya report extremely limited press freedom, while international journalists report being limited in their ability to cover stories in certain places.

• The intensity of hostilities in Misrata precludes humanitarian access to conflict-affected populations. Due to
the fighting, many children are traumatized and lack food and potable drinking water both in Misrata and in
other areas of intense hostilities.

• In Misrata and some other towns water has been cut off for over 40 days. Access to these areas to assess the situation for WASH needs is necessary to determine the level of humanitarian response.

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