Libyan Arab Jamahiriya • Crisis Situation Report No. 21, 05 April 2011


  • There remains a dire need for further access and humanitarian intervention in conflict-affected areas in northwestern Libya, and particularly in Misrata. Intervention in the health sector and regarding the protection of civilians are needed urgently.
  • Between 13,200 and 13,600 people remain stranded at camps and transit points in Tunisia, Egypt, Niger and Algeria.
  • In addition to the huge constraints being placed on large numbers of refugees and internally displaced persons, ongoing fighting has placed enormous strain on medical supplies, equipment and specialist personnel. This resulted in large areas contaminated with landmines. There are reports that Libyans are removing landmines by hand and that 40 anti-tank and 26 anti-personnel mines have been removed near Ajdaibya. Unexploded ordnance (UXOs) pose a greater problem as do abandoned weapons and like landmines, require specialised equipment and personnel for safe removal. There is a need for community-based communication campaigns to appropriately sensitize populations on the dangers of landmines, unexploded ordnance and abandoned weapons. There is also a need to conduct assessments, including recording and documenting of these new mines. There is no effective coordination for reporting, recording and documenting identified landmine and OXO hazards within the country due to the security situation in Libya. There is a lack of available capacity to effectively mitigate this threat.
  1. #1 by zeitungzeid on April 7, 2011 - 3:00 am

    Damascus, (SANA) – A source at the Transport Ministry on Wednesday said the Syrian chartered ship Azura was prevented from landing in Benghazi Port and completing its mission to evacuate 1100 Syrian citizens in Libya.

    The source added that the ship arrived in Benghazi Port on Tuesday afternoon but was stopped short from doing its job.

    The source declared that the Syrian Foreign Ministry sent a request to Syria’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations to mediate with the UN Executive Office and some of the countries concerned to exert more efforts and urge the Benghazi Port Authorities to allow the ship to complete its mission and evacuate the rest of the Syrian citizens.

    Another Syrian ship arrived in Benghazi Port on March 25th and waited two days to get permission but returned to Syria without accomplishing its mission.

    The number of evacuated Syrian citizens from Tripoli and other Libyan cities by air and sea has reached 20,000 Syrian citizens.

    R. Raslan/ H. Said

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